tatasky sucks getting worse

tatasky sucks getting worse
they are sucking as they are not adding any tamil channels and wasting the space with some crap channels.bad tatasky
bad tatasky dont buy it
now we will see users complaining about bad quality in tatasky,it will become like dishtv and d2h
dish tv i checked in friends house and it is not that bad as u r telling.tatasky is not good since i took so for me tatasky is more bad than dish tv.
tatasky is just nothing but making hype of itself whr only few subscribers active
tatasky has 8million subscribers and not few.
but how many left tatasky,count those in sun direct, airtel, d2h. all those in that have shifted mostly from tatasky
even more shifted out of airtel,d2h & sun direct. people do switch to other dths
but one a person left from tatasky will never come back to tatasky as other dth has lot of options of channels viewing etc.
not like that. they will take ts hd instead of ts sd.

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