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tatasky sucks getting worse
i have used stb of all companies
(Wednesday 23-November-2011, 16:30)aumnamonarayana Wrote: i have used stb of all companies

Smile Used all Companies and All STB's?!!! And I am sure only using STB's cannot prove TS STB is the Best , right?
Welcome to DH mr Dino...
Yes wising the same to him.Nice god name again. Tongue .Hope to see some of his great posts here too. Big Grin

(Wednesday 23-November-2011, 19:17)arsh25 Wrote: Welcome to DH mr Dino...

(Wednesday 23-November-2011, 16:14)aumnamonarayana Wrote: yes all dth have stb of cheap quality to keep costs low but out of all tata sky stb's are of better quality

yes ts stbs are better than other stbs. if we dont want to pay for good service then they can take some thing like sd which has no service at all. pay more and be happy or pay less and cry later.

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