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tatasky test ch no 80

Tatasky new test channel.ch no 80.mpeg2


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  1. It will come true bro

  2. I wish your words came true.

  3. The time has come harsh bro, now the suspense will be revealed. Today tata sky team must be on off so from tomorrow u will see changes

  4. Testing is over, now channel addition will happen. I believe when V TP signals come next time then it will be accompanied by new channels

  5. As per their CEO TS is experimenting some advance compression standard. Naturally there would be some kind of disturbances in normal TV viewing. In order to divert attention of the users TS has given free channels viewing offer. To my mind if they are not fully sure about smooth execution of said technology they may extend free viewing further to some extent.

  6. Okay sir

  7. Maybe. if they remove and add them later the conversion update doesnt scan as the channel is new once it deleted. we have to check it again .. once they removed MPEG4 and added in MPEG2 then we cant get them unless check it again..

  8. I remember it really well sir, they launched both these chs in MPEG4 , they converted them to MPEG2 1 or 2 days before

  9. Has to check older updates.. 🙁

  10. Sir, i am talking about the point when they launched these channels

  11. Both channels r in MPEG2 itself…


  12. But sir i guess when these channels were launched both were in MPEG4,ave they converted it to MPEG4 in last few days?

    Its showing 80 in old SD STB as old STB’s have only 3 numbering system while new ones have 4 numbering system

  13. Well at that time there was no signal.. if no signals during scan the channel gets deleted from the list.. so not able to reply ur querry.
    The above channel is in MPEG2 as its the channel named in DVB DREAM as TATASKY TEST. the other TATASKY TEST 2 still not added in STB.
    BTW In mine SD STB the channel number is shown as 080… but above picture is showing 80. may be its another model sd stb. mine is technicolor brand.

  14. Neither Kumar Sir nor Dayag or M Bro has answered my query that is this channel in MPEG2 now as boldy has posted screenshot of channel 80 running in MPEG2 SD STB?

  15. Lot of things will happen for sure. ust a little more wait. New channels and New Sat are on the way.

  16. [quote=’harshbardhan’ pid=’36793′ dateline=’1432365619′]
    New software update shows two more options in the satellite list ie Gsat 10 and AS 7/8,no? So is it just to create a false hope in the minds of customers for keeping their subscription active?

    Now test channel have signals and working fine..
    May be they r migrating to AS7/8 in future .. but thesignals in those few TPs r dummy surely… i have checked few times those TP parameters in AS7/8 but nothing found..

  17. New software update shows two more options in the satellite list ie Gsat 10 and AS 7/8,no? So is it just to create a false hope in the minds of customers for keeping their subscription active?

  18. No confirmation of sat from any side and any one surely..

  19. Oh… that’s the case. Only assumptions. Tatasky said that they would adopt new compression technology
    So gsat 10 theory is misleading? Please confirm.

  20. Actually there is no conclusive evidance for the Vertical Transponders from which sat it has been activated .. every one is assuming according to their calculations..

  21. I wanted to hear above statement from you since TS started all these activities.

  22. Ts should add new channels instead of test channels

  23. Vertical Transponders has been activated recently and still in testing mode.. once they finish testing then it will be stable..

  24. Why v tps signal not constant? Are these weak ones? Then it’ll be very long for Tatasky to convert to these v tps.

  25. Signal not restored yet just checked.

  26. Yes there was no signal at that time. Now no power to switch on TV.

  27. No signal again in this Transponder..

  28. Kumar Sir, are these channels in MPEG2 format now?

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