Tatasky to remove 10 channels

Tata Sky is going to remove the following 10 channels from its DTH service due to breach of contract and other reasons specified below. These channels will be removed in three weeks. The channels that will be removed are as follows.

  1. Suddi TV
  2. News 9
  3. CVR News
  4. CVR Health
  5. CVR Spiritual OM
  6. CVR News English
  7. Onkar Only Truth
  8. Oscar Movies Bhojpuri
  9. News 1 India will be removed due to outstanding payment
  10. Epic TV will be removed due to request from Broadcaster.

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  1. Banner removed from LCN 2031 – Test Insat, only bsckground music with text appearing. Will it be replaced with replacement satellite details?

    1. It is high time they shift and close this Insat 4A. Takes me too much time to scan just one TataSky.

      1. Even if they leave Insat 4A, new satellite will come into use with more transponders so same time will be consumed in order to scan all of them.

  2. Looks like Epic Channel has been acquired by a company called Pittie Group. Check the info here by scrolling to the bottom of the screen, info sbout this site was mentioned on Epic TV web page

    Awaiting updates, Mr. Ambani is no longer the owner of this channel.

    1. Latestly is owned by Reliance?

  3. MJ , Amatan , Leader Bro can you please tell why Tata Sky is having so many data slots for previous defunct channels or those which they have shifted to other transponders in the past. Do they forget removing old slots or does it serve some purpose? Not asking about data channels which they keep reserved for promoting special offers or other things on a frequent basis.

    1. Technically they are data slots but more or less empty and no actual data are carried. I don’t know what is the configuration needed at their end when they add a channel. May be just removing few pids might be easier than removing them totally. Hence we are getting them as Data. As long as it doesn’t come on Tatasky stb they wont care.

      1. Honestly the new broadcast engineers hired by Tata Sky seem to be lazy & careless, noticed many shirtcomings in last few months. For example Look at Tata Sky Comedy on LCN 112, since they shifted it to new transponder few weeks back its running in incorrect aspect ratio & they are least interested in correcting the issue.

  4. Also Tata Sky has paused in addition of New HD Channels, first i thought there is some dispute with Zee & this is a revenge Star is taking bcoz Siti Cable removed their channels. Now with Jeet HD, Colors Tamil HD also not getting added, i sense that post completion of new software download across all stb’s Tata Sky will add these channels & tell HD subscribers to swap their old MPEG4 STB with New HEVC model. Also new SD channels will be added on new satellite & if subscribers face some signal issue then it will be sorted through free technician visit like it happened during activation of GSat 10. Basically it will be multi purpose , thoughtful implementation during this transition period

    1. I heard clarity on Tatasky is very bad compared to other dth. Is it true?

      1. No, its surely not the worst. Though i can surely say that they can improve to some extent by removing reverse deblocking. Although i have read on various platform that their New HEVC STB is producing less sharp picture on Standard Definition channels.

        1. HEVC normally comes at strange resolution and it is upconverted. May be it is having some problem at SD resolutions.

          1. That’s not the issue. I guess STB has some substandard part installed which is not upscaling the picture properly, these days operators are busy providing cheaper equipments thus quality has degraded over the years. Secondly i believe Tata Sky sometimes overplays technology, they are having all sorts of things installed at their head end & keep playing or experimenting with it which rather leads to making this worse.

  5. Seems like Tata Sky has increased carriage fee again and small broadcasters or even big ones having less profitable channels are finding it really tough to pay the bills. Irony is that unlike Airtel, Tata Sky did not even pass on GST benefits to us where they got max tax savings similarly they get transponders at a discounted amount courtesy their old contract with ISRO & cheaper lease amount for indigenous satellites but we get no advantage. I dislike the fact that they spend too much on ads , marketing & other gimmicks rather than focusing on providing service at affordable rates. They are not increasing price of higher base packs bcoz of threat from OTT platforms which will lead to majority of this segment making a shift but happily making economically weaker sections pay more as they know they can’t opt for OTT, digital cable or other alternatives due to various factors/limitations. Also along with their sister concern Star India they are aggressively fighting & opposing TRAI Tariff Order which will set things in order & help subscribers, making good profits is not wrong but how one approaches it makes the difference. Tata Sky wants each one to pay more while the sensible thing would be to have lower per subscriber profit margin which will lead to majority availing various options & thus getting massive gross revenue.Sadly in our country being an aam aadmi is the most tough thing to endure.

    1. OTT has problems where at times channels freeze. When that problem is solved and some cheap screen casting gadgets becomes available for older tv, then we may start seeing some chunck of DTH/Cable users switching there. It wont happen overnight but slowly.

      1. Yes this is an issue but honestly right now most people who are making a shift are not interested in viewing regular channels, they are the ones who prefer watching select shows & online they get to see it uncensored plus as per their convenience. All these DTH and Cable Operators are forcing TRAI to regulate OTT services as they are afraid of losing out to them if the trend continues.

        1. OTT is presently free from many. Hope TRAI don’t spoil it.

          1. DTH or Cable platforms are scared bcoz this upper segment contributes in a major way to their ARP by subscribing to higher base packs hence looking for ways to contain damage

          2. Also Tata Sky will face the most brunt bcoz of OTT as their majority subscriber base resides in urban areas while rural , semi rural or in most of the semi urban areas too Dish TV, Videocon and Airtel are in commanding position (barring south where Sun Direct is a major player). Wait n Watch Tata Sky will be forced to reduce prices or they will slowly start getting more number of discontinuation requests.

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