Videcon D2H Home channel Audio PID changed

Videocon D2H Home Channel audio PID changed to 1012 from 1014. Home Channel is available on the frequency 11610 V 43980.

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Updated: December 30, 2017 — 7:57 pm


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  1. Phanibhargav Varigonda

    What is video pic and audio pid? Could you explain clearly

    1. On a single stream many audio, video, pcr etc,. will come and stb and decoders need to identify which video is for which channel. So for that these pids are needed.

  2. Video pid
    Audio pid
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  3. Videocon video pid no.

  4. Now it is back

    * Updated *
    1) Home Channel (BBCL) 11610, V, 43980 Audio(1012=>1014)

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