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Wajah Tum Ho: No Cause de Celebre, this!

Wajah Tum Ho: No Cause de Celebre, this!

MUMBAI: Wajah Tum Ho is a murder mystery just like any other. One may have heard of suicides being committed on live phone video or computer video and one hears a lot about hacking of computers on the highest levels. Wajah Tum Ho combines the ideas for its new approach to dealing with a thriller; here a TV channel is hacked to telecast live murders.

The TV channel Global Times Network is hacked by a mysterious person to telecast a murder being committed live. The immediate suspect is, of course, the owner of the channel, Rajneish Duggal’s character , because this incident is expected to add to his channel’s TRPs. The case is being investigated by an honest inspector, Sharman Joshi’s character, and a lot rests on his shoulders since the person murdered was another cop.

Duggal’s case is being handled by Sana Khaan’s character who is in love with another lawyer, i.e. Gurmeet Chaudhary’s character. The lovers have a conflicting interest as Gurmeet is helping Sharman with the investigations.

After the usual twists and turns and red herrings, when Sharman thinks he has cracked the case, there are a couple of more murders in similar fashion.

The director, Vishal Pandya, who earlier made thrillers like Hate Story 2 and 3 manages to create interest when one thinks of the theme of live murders but that is about all since that has little to do with what follows. The film changes tracks to resort to some romance, intimate scenes and songs between Sana and Gurmeet. It also takes time off to get in to the cop Sharman’s personal life.

The script leaves some gaps and complicates things. The direction is average and the music is fair. The dialogue is routine and editing is weak. Sharman Joshi is the star attraction of the film, and justifies his presence. Rajneish Duggal has little to do. Sana Khaan and Gurmeet Chaudhary are okay. Wajah Tum Ho is a routine thriller. The film’s solo release status won’t help much either.

Producers: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar.

Director: Vishal Pandya.

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Rajneish Duggal, Gurmeet Chowdhary, Sana Khaan.


Shor Se Shuruaat: A collection

With the emergence of small screen, entertainment was sure to come in small doses. Earlier, short films usually meant documentaries or diploma films for film students. Shor De Dhuruaat is an omnibus of seven short features based on the central theme of Shor- the sound around us.


Aazaad has Atul Kulkarni as its protagonist. It is about a father son relationship and is set in the present day India. Mentored by Mira Nair, it is directed by her associate Rahul V Chittella.


Aamer is a 10 year old deaf boy helping his mother sell flowers. Though he can’t hear, he relishes the life around him till one day his mother has saved enough to buy him a hearing aid. The world around him changes but he is not quite prepared for the din he hears. Luckily for Aamer, he can control the noise by reducing the volume knob on his hearing aid or just turn it off totally. Mentored by Zoya Akhtar, the short is directed by Amira Bhargava.


Decibel is ironic as well futuristic in that  the protagonist is in an age when the sound is totally banned beyond a certain decibel level and the one breaking the law faces severe consequences. Having moved to the city, this girl can’t sleep without sound. She checks into a remedial facility where one is treated for a soundless sleep. However, she ends up breaking the rules each time. Mentored by SriramRaghvan, the feature is directed by Annie Zaidi.

Yellow Tin Can Telephone

Yellow Tin Can Telephone is about a girl with overdeveloped sense of hearing and a boy who has the similar sense of colour. While she finds the world around her too noisy and wants to live in a soundless world, for the boy things are too colourful and he prefers to live in a black and white world. Mentored by Homi Adajania, it is directed by Arunima Sharma.

Hell O Hello

Hell O Hello deals with the world of consumerism and takes a comic approach. Here, two competing mobile phone salesmen try to convince a seemingly vulnerable buyer with the sales peach, he subjected to all sorts of lies and the noise created around him. And, while all this is going on, the consumer has no voice at all! Mentored by Shyam Benegal, the film is directed by Pratik Rajen Kothari.

Mia I’m

Mia I’m is about a girl from North East who becomes the victim of an MMS after falling in love with a boy. Her exploitive MMS follows wherever she goes. She gets rid of what her so called lover loved the most about her, her splendid mop of hair. She than vents her anger through music and works on altering her life. Mentored by Imtiaz Ali, it is directed by Satish Raj Kasireddi.


Dhvani is about a man confined to a solitary prison and awaiting his turn to gallows. His only companion here is total silence and before he is hung, he has just one wish. He wants to feel the world away from this silence around him. The film has Sanjay Mishra as its protagonist.

Mentored by Nagesh Kukunoor, it is directed by Supriya Sharma. The films here have quite a bit of relevance in modern life and identification for the viewer. While they may not hold sway at the box office, they are a must watch for talent scouts.

Producers: Humara Movie in association with Amazon Prime.

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