want to install nss6 and asiasat 5

want to install nss6 and asiasat 5
(Saturday 28-February-2015, 06:12)majidrulz Wrote: Hello i am a new to user to this forum, i want to install nss 6 and asiasat 5 on different different dish. I want to know which lnb i have to use on both dishes. And is it possible to use disecq switch to get both satellite channels on one dish tv hd stb. I live in middle east ksa due to that reason i cannot install both satellites on one dish. So please help me how to use disecq switch for getting both satellite in one stb.

It is very easy with Dish stb. Just connect a 4 port Diseqc(not 8port) and connect to Port 1 to NSS 6 and Port 2 to Asiasat 5. You will get both the satellites that way. If suppose it is not switching then go to setup and enable multi LNB as Dayag posted.
(Saturday 28-February-2015, 11:43)MJ786 Wrote: i think it should work, i never tried it but i think once Amatan said about this few months ago.. Just try with 4 port diseqc

I was using like that for a long time.
Thank you all guys if this trick work using disecq i will let you know very soon
It should work as Amatan said he used it for long time and when he says it its pakka.
Sorry for the late reply, i have contaced many technician but all technician are saying it is not possible to connect through disecq port , they are telling they have already tried this. If using disecq port they are telling that we could use both satellite tps at once if we want to view the channel from nss 6 satellite then if have to change the tp if asiasat 5 then we have to change the frequency. If we are using disecq port then we could use both satellite tps at once... Kindly please help me how to do it to view both satellite on stb through disecq... If any of you know please guide me how to do it.
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As I said earlier just buy 4 Port Diseqc and connect NSS to Port 1 and Asiasat 5 to Port 2. It will work automatically. That is how I was using for long time. This is very easy and if suppose you think this idea might fail then Diseqc 4 port switch is not costly. So why not try it?
No amatan brother i know that disecq switch is cheap but the problem is dish and installation is costing me 1000riyal (16000rs) thats why i am asking. If it is not coming my money is going waste.
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Are you going to Watch more of Nss6 channels or Asiasat 5 Channels?
If you are going to spend so much i am not sure how many Nss6 tps you will be getting there, so mostly you will end up watching Asiasat 5 HD channels only

In that case why worry much about Diseqc, if diseqc dont work , you put two different cables as i am sure you will only be watching Asiasat 5 Channels more often.
1stly Sorry for bumping old thread ... Big Grin i have checked the posts of the thread starter after seeing him Online here..
I think unless we get signals in the Home TP 12688 V 27500 from NSS6 most likely we might not able to watch any Other channels .. I think if we atleast get Signals from SES 8 and insert Dish Lanka Home TP 12170 H 40700 then we can get AS 5 Channels by using Diseqc switch ... Although i didnt tried by connecting AS5 Cables only ..
surely it worked in Diseqc switch for separate cables from NSS6 and AS 5 . for few weeks i had used 2 LNB s for my True HD STB and worked fine ..
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Thanku kumarbhai both satellite are working by connecting diseqc switch here in jeddah.

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