Who is the bot here?

There is one jealous fellow who thinks as CID, who will sleep in the morning and will wake during night and will scan and post something which happend earlier in the afternoon! He used to abuse everyone who posted before him as BOT. I am one of the person who got abused. There is another chumcha of that CID who himself awarded ‘Ji’ tag to himself  😀 Both were telling I was a bot because often my thread had 0 views! Our forum Admin clarified the reasons but as they are sadly deaf in understanding anything as both their left and right ears gone. I am not talking about any fake hearing loss thread by the way  🙂

Now the proof of some alleged BOT posting, it faked by its jis to have more than 400 people roaming all over all through the day that too reading all old copied posts!


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Updated: December 29, 2017 — 11:13 pm


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  1. I normally indulge in poking fun at others action but really felt that i should share this example of how advertising is done in a forum in disguise of regular thread just like news channels promote certain things through capsules in their regular bulletin. Wonder if people are really that dumb to not get hold of truth or they take it with a blink n miss practice of today’s world

    1. If you notice all the comments were made by just one person! Surprisingly that school dropout and his fake ids learnt English only for this particular thread. Before and after it becomes butler English.

      Simply promoting that particular brand ‘atta’ and they seem to worry more than that company.

  2. Hehe good caught mr leader bro they will never learn from mistakes let them live in their copy cat world God will surely punish them for bad deeds all knows they are copying from you and they copied my Toonami rebranding news also entirely and after copying targeting me by doing this really they are shameless people such people are useless kindly ignore them and let them enjoy their copy

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