Telugu movies schedule for 13-July-2024

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Movie Timing & DurationMovie summary
ETV Cinema 12-Jul 19:00
Ramuni Minchina Ramudu - Ramu joins military and meets lookalike and finds ex wife.
Gemini Movies HD 12-Jul 19:00
Seema Simham - Cast - Balakrishna, Simran &: Others.
Gemini Movies 12-Jul 19:00
Seema Simham - Story about 2 friends who become enemies after one's son is killed due to the other.
Airtel Telugu Cinema 12-Jul 21:00
Plant Man - Chary lands in trouble due to an experiment leading to fun and frustration while he tries to get out of the mess.
Zee Cinemalu HD 12-Jul 21:00
Sardar (2022) - A disgraced spy returns from a long exile to stop the launch of a suspicious water company which plans to spread toxic water across the country.
Zee Cinemalu 12-Jul 21:00
Sardar (2022) - A shamed spy reemerges to stop a dubious water company's toxic scheme threatening the nation.
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 12-Jul 21:21
Legend - Identical twin gangIdentical twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray terrorize London during the 1960ssters Ronald and Reginald Kray terrorize London during the 1960s.
Studio Yuva 12-Jul 22:30
100percent Love&:Family Time&: Holly To Tollywood - An entertainment based program.
Airtel Telugu Cinema 12-Jul 22:58
Filler / Promo - Filler segment.
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 12-Jul 23:25
Empire State - Two Childhood Friends Plan To Rob An Armored Car Depository. An Nypd Officer Stands In Their Way.
Airtel Telugu Cinema 13-Jul 00:00
Victory - A member of the German Soccer team decides to play a match against the allied prisoners. Planning their risky escape during the match, the prisoners clinch the deal.
Studio Yuva 13-Jul 00:00
Movie - Movie..
Zee Cinemalu HD 13-Jul 00:00
Kanchana 3 - Raghava is a young man who lives happily with his family but is scared of ghosts. When he visits Coimbatore with his family, he is possessed by a vengeful ghost with a sinister past.
Zee Cinemalu 13-Jul 00:00
Kanchana 3 - Raghava is a young man who easily gets scared of ghosts.
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 13-Jul 00:56
Promo - Tune in to watch the promos of some new & old films.
Gemini Movies HD 13-Jul 01:30
Dhanalakshmi I Love You - Cast - Allari Naresh, Aditya Om, Ankitha &: Others.
Gemini Movies 13-Jul 01:30
Dhanalakshmi I Love You - Babu Rao, Raju and Shyam are in desperate need to make money due to various situations in their lives.
Studio One Plus 13-Jul 03:00
Movie - Movie.
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 13-Jul 03:03
The Lost City Of Z - A true-life drama, centering on British explorer Col. Percival Fawcett, who disappeared whilst searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon.
Zee Cinemalu HD 13-Jul 03:03
Bommarillu - Bommarillu - Siddharth, Janelia.
Gemini Movies HD 13-Jul 04:00
Abbayitho Ammayi - Cast -Naga Shourya, Palak Lalwani.
Zee Cinemalu 13-Jul 06:00
Just Chill - An entertainment-based program.
Zee Cinemalu 13-Jul 06:55
Khosty - Arthi, cop in pursuit of escaped criminal, faces life-threatening incidents.
ETV Cinema 13-Jul 07:00
Kodallosthunnaru Jagratta - Kodallosthunnaru Jagratta.
Gemini Movies HD 13-Jul 07:00
Maa Alludu Very Good - Cast - Rajendra prasad,Allari Naresh, Ramya Krishna.
Gemini Movies 13-Jul 07:00
Maa Alludu Very Good - A petty thief falls in love with Meghana, but before approaching her, he gets some vital information about her and transforms him accordingly.
STAR Maa Movies 13-Jul 07:00
Nava Manmadhudu - Tamizh's life turns upside down when his father commits suicide. So, he tries to uncover the reason that prompted his father to kill himself and finds a number of people involved in it.
Zee Cinemalu HD 13-Jul 07:00
Khosty - Arthi, a police officer, is on a mission to find a criminal who had escaped her father's custody decades ago. Her quest leads her to a series of bizarre incidents that threatens her life.
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 13-Jul 07:20
Henry's Crime - Working The Night Shift As A Toll Collector On A Lonely Stretch Of Highway In Buffalo, New York, Henry Is A Man Seemingly Without Ambition, Dreams Or Purpose: A Man Sleepwalking His Way Through Life.
Airtel Telugu Cinema 13-Jul 09:00
Korameenu - Karuna, a wealthy man, clashes with his driver Koti when they both fall in love with the same woman. Their differences soon cause disasters in their colony.
Zee Cinemalu HD 13-Jul 09:00
Rang De - Arjun despises his neighbour Anu. But circumstances drive the two to get married. Will Arjun's hatred for Anu ruin their marriage, or will love blossom between the two?
ETV Cinema 13-Jul 10:00
Uttama Illalu - Uttama Illalu.
Gemini Movies HD 13-Jul 10:00
Rajadhi Raja - Cast - Raghava Lawrence, Kamna.
Gemini Movies 13-Jul 10:00
Rajadhi Raja - After the death of his father due to the negligence of a doctor, Raja takes an oath to train his brothers to be honest professionals in their fields.
STAR MAA GOLD 13-Jul 11:00
Jalsa - Starring
Studio Yuva 13-Jul 11:25
Krish Shots - Krish Shots.
Studio Yuva 13-Jul 11:30
New Release Movie Updates - New Release Movie Updates.
Studio Yuva 13-Jul 11:55
Film Trailors - Film Trailors.
Zee Cinemalu HD 13-Jul 12:00
Jawan - Prison warden enlists inmates for crazy crimes exposing corruption, leading to surprising reunion.
Zee Cinemalu 13-Jul 12:00
Jawan - A daring prison warden enlists his inmates to commit wild crimes that expose corruption and injustice, leading him on an unexpected path to a long-lost connection.
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 13-Jul 12:59
24 Hours To Live - After Getting Killed In A Firefight, Mercenary Travis Conrad Gets Another Chance To Live, In Which He Decides To Seek Redemption And Turn His Life Around.
ETV Cinema 13-Jul 13:00
Cheppukondi Chuddam - Movie.
Gemini Movies 13-Jul 13:00
Kushi Kushiga - Bhavani is at loggerheads with Surya and wants to see his end: as he gets a big share of the property they were fighting for.
Airtel Telugu Cinema 13-Jul 15:00
Unstoppable - Easy-going childhood buddies Kohinoor Kalyan and Jilani Ramdas lose money on cricket betting. In the process of regaining the lost money, they unintentionally destroy the villains' entire empire.
STAR Maa Movies 13-Jul 15:00
F2 Fun & Frustration - Two young men, attempt to control their wives, leading to comical situations due to their chauvinistic attitudes.
Star Maa Movies HD 13-Jul 15:00
F2 Fun & Frustration - Two young men hope to control their wives after their respective marriages. However, their chauvinistic attitude often lands them in hilarious situations.
Gemini Movies HD 13-Jul 16:00
Ism - Alia, the daughter of a gangster, falls in love with an undercover journalist who is on a mission to wipe off corruption.
STAR Maa Movies 13-Jul 18:00
Aadi Purush - Aadi Purush.
Zee Cinemalu HD 13-Jul 18:00
A Aa - Anasuya, the daughter of a rich woman, falls in love with Aanand. However, they face several obstacles while trying to convince their families about their relationship.
Zee Cinemalu HD 13-Jul 21:00
Aravinda Sametha - A man sets out to avenge his father's death but realises that violence is not the key to his salvation. His life changes when he meets another man.
Gemini Movies HD 13-Jul 22:00
Hunt - Cast - Sudheer Babu, Apsara Rani &: others.
Studio Yuva 13-Jul 22:30
Saradaga Kasepu &: 100percent Love &: Family Time - An entertainment based program.
STAR Maa Movies 14-Jul 03:00
Yenthavaadu Gaani - Sathyadev confronts his beloved's killer, who is involved in illegal activities.
Star Maa Movies HD 14-Jul 03:00
Yenthavaadu Gaani - Satya Dev, an undercover cop, befriends Gangster Victor in prison.
Studio One Plus 14-Jul 05:55
Movie -
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 14-Jul 06:33
Promo -
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 14-Jul 07:00
Legend -
STAR Maa Movies 14-Jul 07:00
Maryada Ramanna -
Star Maa Movies HD 14-Jul 07:00
Prema Kathaa Chitram -
Zee Cinemalu HD 14-Jul 07:00
Pelli Sandadi -
STAR Maa Movies 14-Jul 09:00
Aata Aarambham -
Star Maa Movies HD 14-Jul 09:00
Aata Arambham -
Zee Cinemalu HD 14-Jul 09:00
Robo 2.0 -
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 14-Jul 09:03
24 Hours To Live -
Studio Yuva 14-Jul 11:00
100percent Love&Family Time& Holly To Tollywood -
Studio Yuva 14-Jul 11:25
Krish Shots -
Studio Yuva 14-Jul 11:30
Chalmaar -
Studio Yuva 14-Jul 11:55
Film Trailors -
STAR Maa Movies 14-Jul 12:00
Bedurulanka -
Zee Cinemalu HD 14-Jul 12:00
Ranga Ranga Vaibhavamga -
Airtel Hollywood Diaries 14-Jul 13:03
Gotti -
STAR Maa Movies 14-Jul 15:00
I -
Zee Cinemalu HD 14-Jul 15:00
Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada -
Zee Cinemalu HD 14-Jul 18:00
KGF Chapter 2 -
STAR Maa Movies 14-Jul 21:00
Rangasthalam -
Zee Cinemalu 14-Jul 21:00
Radhe Shyam -
Studio Yuva 14-Jul 22:30
Saradaga Kasepu & 100percent Love & Family Time -
STAR Maa Movies 15-Jul 00:00
Radha Gopalam -
STAR Maa Movies 15-Jul 03:00
Okkade -