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Raman Shankar

Full time news reporter, I am interested in satellite TV channels and been scanning often and updating websites with the latest news about DTH, C band satellite channels.

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  1. Airtel Digital TV adds English audio feed to Airtel Shorts TV on 20-Sep-2019
  2. “Nameless 11562_12008” removed today from Airtel Digital TV 20-Sep-2019
  3. Airtel Digital TV adds aac-adts audio feed removes mpeg audio feed from Prarthana Bhawan @ FREE on 20-Sep-2019
  4. “Nameless 11562_12008” added today on Airtel Digital TV 20-Sep-2019
  5. Zee Tamil @ Rs 12 channel shifted on Airtel Digital TV to 11682 H TP, on 20-Sep-2019
  6. Zee Tamil @ Rs 12 audio added removes audio Airtel Digital TV latest update 20-Sep-2019
  7. “Nameless 11682_12008” added today on Airtel Digital TV 20-Sep-2019
  8. Prarthana Bhawan @ FREE audio added removes Hindi audio Airtel Digital TV latest update 20-Sep-2019
  9. Airtel Shorts TV removed from 2 slots on Airtel Digital TV
  10. “SHORTS TV ACTI-Rs. 59” added on Dish TV today 20-Sep-2019
  11. “SHORTS TV ACTIVE-Rs. 59” removed from Dish TV now 20-Sep-2019
  12. Videocon D2h removes Oriya audio feed from V7000 Force Slide on 20-Sep-2019
  13. “V7000 Force Slide” added today on Videocon D2h (pics inside) on 19-Sep-2019
  14. “V7000 ” removed from Videocon D2h today 19-Sep-2019
  15. Videocon D2h adds “V7000 ZERO DAY FS” (with pics from the channel) on 19-Sep-2019
  16. “V7000 ” added on Videocon D2h today 19-Sep-2019
  17. ALANKAR- Rs 4 channel shifted on Videocon D2h to 11610 H TP, on 19-Sep-2019
  18. ALANKAR- Rs 4 audio feed parameters changed Videocon D2h latest update 19-Sep-2019
  19. NT 3 renamed as Malayalam Naaptol on Intelsat 20 19-September-19
  20. C7 audio options changed on Insat 4A – Gsat 10, updated on 19-Sep-2019 © 2017 Frontier Theme