Travel XP HD added on Airtel digital TV

Airtel Digital TV adds Travel XP HD channel on its platform.

Currently this channel is under testing on frequency 12400 V 43700

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Airtel dth adds travel xp hd


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  1. the expert over there cannot get the images or post news about his fake source so they need to cook/smell/guess something and make timepass there.Everyone knows they already saw the post here and predicting.

    1. Loser people, copying other people’s efforts. Admin of Copy Cat Forum is such a t#### person supporting these chokers who copy news from here. Those rules are just for name sake. Motive is to copy paste,or else we can’t earn. Because our experts are losers and beg on what’s app for photos and sources.

  2. Asusual copy cats copied in name of guess. Credit should be given if you can’t hunt things.

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