Jio TV Adds 6 New Channels for More Fun and Information

Introduction: Jio TV has just made watching TV even better by adding six new channels to its collection. Now, you can enjoy more diverse and interesting shows. Let’s take a look at each new channel and what they offer.

  • Bhakti Sagar (1719): Bhakti Sagar is a popular spiritual channel that provides a blend of religion and divine music. It is India’s first and the only spiritual music channel. The channel is committed to spreading spiritualism and enlightening every mind and body through soulful music.The Bhakti Sagar channel features all kinds of Indian spiritual music. Every note of soulful music on the channel is designed to empower you to be more relaxed, joyful, and flowing in harmony. The channel aims to eradicate all religious and cultural boundaries by presenting all forms of music to illuminate your soul.The channel has a vast collection of soulful music that you might cherish. For instance, they have a playlist of Ram Bhajans, which includes songs like “Ram Aayenge”, “Jai Shree Ram”, “Hey Ram”, “Payoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo”, and many more. These songs are sung by various artists like Palak Sharma and Varsha Shrivastava.The Bhakti Sagar channel has a significant following with 1.2M subscribers and 955 videos. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in spiritual content and music.
  • Bhakti Sagar TVSRIMAD RAMAYANA (1720): “Srimad Ramayana” is a television series that premiered on Monday, 1 January 20241. The show is telecast on Sony Entertainment Television from every Monday to Friday at 9 pm, replacing the epic quiz show KBC Season 15. It is also available on the OTT platform, Sony Liv.The series is a retelling of the iconic Ramayana, written in Sanskrit by the legendary poet, Maharishi Valmiki1. It explores the eternal battle between good and evil, highlighting the quest for righteousness and spiritual awakening. The show attempts to provide learnings of life to the folks of the contemporary times.The cast of Srimad Ramayana includes Sujay Reu as Lord Ram, Prachi Bansal as Sita, Basant Bhatt as Laxmana, Nikitin Dheer as Ravan, Arav Chaudhary as Raja Dashrath, and Nirbhay Wadhwa as Hanuman. The other star cast of the show includes Shilpa Saklani, Mohammed Saud Mansuri, Vaidehi Nair, Vishnu Sharma, Tanmay Rishi Shah, and many more.

    The show is produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Swastik Productions. Siddharth has produced various shows like Mahabharat, Ram Siya ke Luv Kush, Radhakrishn, and many more.

Shrimad Ramayan TV

  • Janta Darbar (1450): Janta Darbar is a special channel where people can talk about their thoughts and concerns with the government. It’s a unique way to stay in the loop about what’s happening in the country.Janta Darbar TV
  • Janta TV (1925): Janta TV is all about giving you the latest news. Stay updated on what’s happening locally, nationally, and internationally. It’s a handy channel to keep you informed.Janta TV
  • Public First (1454): Public First is a channel that focuses on things that matter to regular people, like community activities and social awareness. Tune in for interesting discussions and to stay connected with your community.Public First TV
  • Sony Sports 1 HD Regional (1526): If you love sports, you’re in for a treat! Sony Sports 1 HD Regional brings you the action from local tournaments and championships in high definition. Get ready for some thrilling sports moments.

Jio TV just got even more awesome with these new channels. No matter if you’re into spirituality, epic stories, community stuff, news, or sports, there’s something for everyone. So, grab some popcorn and start exploring the exciting world of Jio TV!

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